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  • Keeps Bait Safe from Non-Target Species
  • Holds Loose Bait, Block Bait or Pasta Bait
  • Fits onto Insect Bait Stations for Dual Control
  • Lockable for safety

SX Euro Mouse Bait Box are excellent mouse bait stations have been designed to hold loose bait, block bait or pasta bait. They are sold in a pack of 5 boxes.
They also come with one key per pack of 5.

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1 pack price - £5.94 each
2 pack price - £4.92 each

Facts & Tips

The bait stations are supplied in a selection of colours and each individual box is lockable. For effective control of a small infestation a minimum of four boxes should be used; more for moderate to large infestations. A small infestation might be up to 10 mice, and a medium infestation up to 20 individuals.

Designed to fit onto our Insect Bait Stations, enabling mice and insects to be trapped in one unit

Bait boxes should always be used to contain rodenticides in order to protect non-target species, particularly when baiting outdoors.

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