Mouse Control Kit – Difenacoum


We have created two handy Mouse Control Kits, containing 0.0025% w/w difenacoum, for use indoors or outdoors (around buildings only). Select which kit you require depending on the extent of the infestation you may have.


  • Everything you Need in One Pack
  • Sufficient to Kill 50 + Mice
  • Ideal for Domestic and Commercial use
  • Contains difenacoum

Each kit consist of multiple sachets of Roban 25 Cut Wheat grain bait each containing 40g, one or more tubs of Knockout Romax D Block Bait, each containing 15 blocks, plus a selection of mouse bait boxes, traps and open bait trays.

Kit 1: 10 sachets Roban 25 Cut Wheat Bait, 40g each (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0992-0007), 1 x tub Knockout Romax D Block Bait, (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0994-0005 ), 4 Euro Mouse Boxes, 5 Mouse Bait Trays, 2 Snap E Mouse Traps

Kit 2: 20 sachets Roban 25 Cut Wheat Bait, 40g each (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0992-0007), 2 x tub Knockout Romax D Block Bait, (UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0994-0005), 8 Euro Mouse Boxes, 10 Mouse Bait Trays, 4 Snap E Mouse Traps

How to use

  1. The mouse bait boxes can be baited with either the block bait or grain bait.
  2. The grain bait can also be placed in the open bait trays where it is safe and secure to do so, out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. The snap e mouse traps should only be in areas that are secure from children or pets.
  4. Bait the rat trap with Provoke Mouse Attractant or some other bait of your choice, like peanut butter.
  5. Place the bait boxes and traps in the area that mice have been active.
  6. Mice eat little and often so to be effective a large number of baiting points should be used.
  7. Mice exhibit a rapid investigatory response to new objects, but their interest wanes rapidly and they move on to something new. To be successful in controlling mice you need to be proactive.
  8. Move and refresh bait points every 2-3 days.
  9. Always read the manufacturer instructions before use.

Safety Data

The active ingredient is 0.0025% w/w difenacoum.

Click here for Roban Cut Wheat Safety Data Sheet.

Click here for Romax D Block Safety Data Sheet.


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