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  • Rat and Mouse Poison Block
  • Easy to Use
  • Rapid Take and Fast Acting

Romax D Block Rat and Mouse Killer are poison bait blocks for amateur use against rats and mice. They contain 0.0025% w/w difenacoum and are designed to be contained within bait stations. The deadly blocks are shaped to ensure rats and mice nibble the edges to eat their lethal dose fast. The blocks have a central hole for securing onto a baiting rod or spike found in all bait stations.

The Romax D Blocks can be used indoors or outdoors (around buildings only) and are supplied as 15 x 20g blocks. UK Authorisation Number UK-2016-0994-0005
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Facts & Tips

Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity, such as fresh droppings or inside or near burrows, runways and feeding places.Protect bait points from non-target species and from water by using inside a bait station, or on bait trays covered by drainage pipe, slate, board or corrugated iron.

Rat infestations:
Use bait points of up to 100g. Place bait points 10m apart reducing to 5m in cases of high infestation. If no signs of rat activity are seen after 7-10 days, move to an area of higher activity.

Mouse infestations:
Use bait points of 20g. Place bait points 5m apart reducing to 2m in cases of high infestation. Mice are inquisitive so move bait points every 2-3 days

Make regular inspections of the bait points (every 3-4 days) and replace any bait that has been eaten, damaged by water or contaminated by dirt

Safety Data

Contains 0.0025% difenacoum Safety Data Sheet


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