Rabbit Cage Trap


Rabbit Cage Trap is a high quality British made product that will keep on working effectively for a lifetime. Suitable for catching rabbits in all situations and has a single use trap door.


  • Single Catch Rabbit Trap
  • British Made Trap

Traps can be secured with stakes. Position the trap where rabbits are known to run.

Dimensions 800mm x 200mm x 225mm.

How To Use

  1. Check the number of rabbits to gauge how many rabbit traps to purchase.
  2. As rule of thumb the size of the rabbit population can be easily obtained by counting rabbits at the site of damage, during the daytime in heavily infested areas or at night, using a spotlight.
  3. Where feasible, the number of rabbit traps used should be one half of the total number of rabbits counted. In glasshouses and allotments where only a few rabbits can cause considerable damage, a minimum of 6 rabbit traps should be used.
  4. Place your trap in a spot where you see the most rabbit activity or damage.
  5. Rabbits spend most of their time along transitional areas where cover meets open land. Ideal locations include: hedges, shrubs, fence lines, tall grass, woodpiles, bushes, tree lines.
  6. Rabbits will rarely cross a long stretch of open land, so avoid placing your trap in an area that would require rabbits to venture into vulnerable territory.
  7. If you locate a rabbit’s warren or den, place your trap a few feet away from the entrance.
  8. In warmer months when food is abundant, attract rabbits with rich fruits and veggies like apples or carrots.
  9. In the winter, avoid baits that contain a lot of water, which are prone to freezing. Dried alfalfa or dehydrated apples are ideal.
  10. The way in which you place your bait is just as important as the bait you choose. Make sure you place it where the rabbit will be encouraged to step on the trigger plate.
  11. Once you have trapped your rabbit, despatch it humanely as quickly as possible.


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