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Beagle Mole Trap – New Product

easy set mole trap
27 Jul


Got a mole in your garden?

Here’s a quick resume of moles and their tunnelling activities

Moles are rarely seen, as these blackish-brown mammals live mostly underground. They dig out a system of tunnels and chambers, and dispose of the excavated soil by throwing up molehills.
They excavate three types of tunnel

deep tunnels – more than 25cm deep, most likely used for shelter rather than feeding. Deep tunnels are difficult to find and too deep for the easy application of control systems
feeding tunnels – 5-20cm below the surface, the soil pushed onto the surface as molehills. Moles patrol these to find invertebrates and these are the tunnels best used for control
surface tunnels – just under the surface of the grass roots. Moles look for specific invertebrates here and the soil or grass is pushed up to form a ridge

Catching a mole can be tricky

If you have a mole in your garden, they can cause an unsightly mess and untold damage.  Waking up one morning to a host of molehills across a lovingly cared for lawn, is heartbreaking for the keen gardener.

And if you’ve tried to catch that mole using a conventional scissor trap or a tunnel trap, you’ll know that it is a tricky undertaking for the amateur user. Scissor traps are difficult to place, both in deep and shallow runs, they often fall foul of stones and debris that make them jam. It is also difficult to cover because of the handles, and therefore difficult to exclude light from the tunnel. Tunnel traps, such as the Duffus are easier to use but there is a real technique to setting them, tuning them so that they are sensitive enough to be triggered. Easy enough to do if you catch moles all the time, but if you just want to get rid of one mole from your garden, you want something easy, quick and humane.

The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap

easy set mole trap The Beagle EasySet Mole Trap is the answer, and it’s in stock NOW at

The EasySet Mole Trap is true to its name, very easy to use.
It promises no pinched fingers or fiddly mechanism, just a quick humane kill. It reduces user injury and can be set by one hand simply pushing down on a plunger. The dual-direction trigger mechanism removes the need for two separate triggers, and allows the trap to be triggered regardless of the mole’s direction of approach.

Mole trap set


We also sell a high quality essential Mole Run Probe, which will make it easy to locate the mole run and place the trap for optimum success.

See it all online, where there is a helpful video, showing you exactly what to do, or call us on 01332 340898

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