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Be confident buying rat and mouse poison from DIY Pest Control

21 Mar

New rodenticide regulations came into force at the end of February 2018.  DIY Pest Control fully support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use.

Be Confident Buying Rat and Mouse Poison

The cornerstone of the regime is a Code of Best Practice for the use of rodenticides published by CRRU UK in early 2015. Application of rodenticides according to the code will prevent unnecessary exposure of wildlife and other non-target animals and help deliver the objectives of the regime.

The aim is to ensure that all users of professional-only rodenticide baits comply with the CRRU Code of Best Practice and to work with assurance schemes to bring standards into alignment with the CRRU UK Code of Best Practice. 

Stewardship Essentials

  • Stewardship rules apply to the supply and use of rodenticides being authorised for application by professionals outdoors and carrying labels with ‘stewardship conditions’.
  • Pest controllers, farmers, gamekeepers: All must be qualified for access to professional products.
  • Certified = able to show proof of competence. No proof, no supply.
  • Use rodenticides only after careful consideration of all options. Use first those methods you expect to be fully effective but which present lower risks to wildlife.
  • Rodenticide residues in wildlife are being monitored closely.
  • HSE, and other government agencies are overseeing stewardship, wildlife residues and rodenticide availability.

How to Purchase Professional Use Rodenticides

All professional use rodenticides with stewardship conditions attached to them can only be supplied to professional users holding certification demonstrating compliance with the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

This applies to farmers, gamekeepers and pest controllers and explains why your supplier may be unable to supply you. You now have four options as follows :

Option 1
You can undertake a CRRU UK approved training course. Once you have passed the course exam, this certification will allow you to purchase professional use rodenticides with stewardship conditions.

Option 2
If you are a farmer and member of a CRRU UK aligned farm assurance scheme, showing proof of this membership will allow you to purchase professional use rodenticides with stewardship conditions.

Option 3
You can employ the services of a professional pest control service company which employs only certified technicians.

Option 4
You can purchase amateur use rodenticides.

What Can I purchase Without Certification ?

At DIY Pest Control we offer a selection of rodenticides as stand alone products or in kit form these will still prove efficient and cost effective for the home user.  There are a number of new products coming onto the market and as they become available you will find them offered on our website.  

The main difference in the new products is that the strength has been reduced, which means they will take a little longer to be effective and the package size has been reduced. Although no limit has been placed on the quantity that can be ordered.

All the products we offer comply with the New Rodenticide Regulations.

Rat & Mouse Kits


Rat Control Kit

Mouse-Kit Brodifacoum

Mouse Control Kit











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Rentokil Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer

Rodine Rat & Mouse Killer

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Rat & Mouse Killer Blocks

Rentokil Mouse Killer Grain Bait

Mouse Killer Grain Bait

Mouse Killer Paste

Mouse Killer Paste

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