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Pest Control Products

Pest Control Products

We stock a comprehensive range of Pest Control Products for use by the home or business owner in the following categories:

Insect Control Products

Insect Killers
Natural Sprays
Synthetic Dusts
Natural Sprays
Synthetic Sprays
Insect Traps
Insect Bait Stations
Insect Poison Baits
Insect Control Kits
Insect Smoke Bombs

Rodent Control Products

Rat Poison
Mouse Poison
Rat Bait Boxes
Mouse Bait Boxes
Rat Traps
Mouse Traps
Live Capture Traps
Electronic Traps
Rat Control Traps
Mouse Control Traps

Mammal Control Products

Mammal Traps
Live Capture Traps
Lethal Traps

Bird Control Products

Bird Live Capture Traps
Bird Proofing
Bird Deterrents

With our products you will be able to deal with most insect control problems in your own home quickly, efficiently and economically, without the need for a professional pest controller. For the most troublesome pests we have designed complete kits containing the all the products you need at a cost effective price. Kits contain full instructions so you can be confident of achieving successful control.