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  • Smoke bombs for cluster flies and moths
  • Smoke generators for bed bugs and cockroaches
  • Smoke generators for fleas
Insect Smoke Bombs, Smoke Fumers or Smoke Generators are the ideal insect pest control management tool. They offer a rapid knockdown effect for a range of flying and crawling insects. Especially useful and effective in hard to reach areas such as lofts and tall glass houses. The insecticidal smoke will only control insects present at the time of the treatment by direct contact action (space treatment).
There are different rates of application depending on the insect you are controlling and instructions come with each type and size of fumer. Smoke fumers can be used in domestic housing, food manufacture, storage areas, restaurants, commercial kitchens etc.
To use the smoke fumer you should first remove or cover food stuffs, utensils and food preparation equipment. Close doors and windows, block fireplaces and exclude draughts. Clear people, plants and animals including fish from the area to be treated. Place each smoke generator on a fireproof base of approx 300mm x 300mm, but not in a bucket or other enclosed space. Tear off the tag and remove the container cap. When a number of smoke-generators are being used, space them throughout the area to be treated, and prepare all for ignition before lighting the first. Light the igniter using a match. Light them in sequence, starting with the furthest from your exit point. Leave for not less than 2 hours or 1 hour per 1.5m ceiling height. After treatment is complete, open windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly.

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