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Mammal Control Products

The principal mammals which cause damage or nuisance are the mole, grey squirrel, rabbit, fox and mink. The traditional approach was to kill these undesirable pests. This philosophy has changed for reasons which include

  • Public attitudes towards and concern for vertebrate wildlife
  • Public concern about the humaneness of pest control
  • The need to ensure that any action is justified and cost-effective
  • The protected status of some species

The emphasis has shifted from killing to managing mammal pests and preventing damage.

1. Which species is responsible for the damage? This can be established by observation, but often it is necessary to rely on tracks, droppings and the nature of the damage.
2. Is the damage significant? Damage is not always financial, but cost IS a factor. What appears to be serious damage can often become less significant, for example if plants and crops recover from grazing. The
distress caused by the killing of a family pet by foxes or mink is nothing to do with value or cost.
3. If damage is serious, how can it be prevented? Killing the pest is not always the answer because others of the same species will often move in. Proofing, exclusion methods, scaring devices, repellents and the removal of food
and harbourages should all be considered.
4. If killing is necessary, what is the most appropriate way?

  • What is the legal position?
  • Is the method safe for the technician, public, domestic and non-target mammals, birds and the environment?
  • Is it humane?
  • Will the actions cause complaints?
  • What is the cost?
  • Will it solve the problem long-term?

We stock a comprehensive range of DIY Pest Control Products for foxes, mink, squirrels, moles and rabbits. We offer a variety of control options from live capture traps to lethal traps. With our products you will be able to deal with most mammal pests quickly, efficiently and economically, without the need for a professional pest controller.