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Rat poison comes in various different forms and formulations and is becoming harder for the general public to purchase in any other than small pre-packed ready to use sachets.

Rats prefer to eat bait that is highly palatable. The sweeter the bait the longer the rat will feed, rats mainly feed in the dark and baits have added aromas that rats find highly attractive.

The three most common active ingredients readily available are difenacoum, bromadiolone and brodifacoum which are all anti-coagulants. These poisons affect the rodents blood clotting response, so after a few days the rodents will die as a result of internal haemorrhaging. The poison effectively thins the blood to the extent that blood seeps internally from tiny blood vessels and organs quickly resulting in heart failure which ultimately kills the rat. The rodents feel fine, suffering no pain and therefore they continue to feed as normal, consuming a lethal dose before succumbing to the effects of the poison. This is important, as rats in particular will quickly stop eating anything that they associate with danger. In the latter stages of poisoning, the rodents feel lethargic and tend to stay in their nests, where most of them die. The occasional one may die above ground, and you should always search for bodies whilst you are conducting a poisoning campaign.

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We offer a range of rat poisons including rodine rat & mouse killer bait, rat killer bait, pasta bait, bait blocks . Using this selection of rodenticides is the best way to get rid of rats in your home or business. It is all you need to deal with your rat problem safely and efficiently without the need for a professional pest controller. Unless safe to do so rodenticides should be contained within bait boxes we stock a range of rat bait boxes.

Once laid, baits should be inspected frequently and where bait has been eaten, it should be replenished as necessary. As a general guide, baits should be inspected no later than 7 days after they were first laid and at least fortnightly thereafter. Continue baiting until all feeding activity has stopped. However, if there is little evidence of bait takes after two weeks, it is unlikely that the treatment will prove to be effective any you should remove the bait and consider another option or bait type.

Our rat poison comes in various sizes so you should be able to find the right amount of product for the size of your infestation. If you prefer, we have rat control kits of differing sizes. The kit contains everything you need to Control your rat problem in one handy pack.

The rodenticide industry, acting as a whole, has recognised the need to address the concerns surrounding the responsible use of rodenticides and the need to ensure that rodenticides are used correctly and in ways that will minimise the exposure of wildlife. The industry has therefore initiated the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU).