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Spiders are quite harmless, beneficial creatures. Sadly, millions of perfectly rational people are terrified of spiders, so we must provide the most effective means of removal without resorting to killing them.
There are spider deterrents on the market, containing a safe ingredient which is abhorrent to them, but the best means of removal is containment and release.

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  • It's just a matter of removal

Unless you have a really big problem with spiders, just use a spider catching tool to capture the creature and then release it outside.

If you have a real fear of spiders and would rather just kill it, then spray it with a short burst of insecticidal spray. Then vacuum it up.

Use pesticides safely and always read and understand the label

Britain has more than 600 species of spiders, all of them harmless to man. Most arachnids (spiders) are predatory, feeding mainly on insects and they are extremely beneficial invertebrates, especially in the garden.

  • They eat other pests, including flies, roaches, mosquitoes, earwigs and clothes moths. If left alone they will do the pest control for you.
  • They kill other spiders
  • They prevent the spread of disease by eradicating the dirty pests that do.
  • If you really want to remove spiders from the home, the key is to get rid of the insect food source that attracts them
  • Use a residual insecticide in places spiders frequent and spin their webs, and use it to control other insect pests
  • Do not store things in cardboard boxes as cardboard attracts insects
  • Consider using a perimeter spray around the home

Most spiders have just strayed into our homes and would rather be outside in the garden. The kindest thing to do it put them back into their natural environment.

There are several things we can do to prevent spiders from entering our homes:

  • keep vegetation away from the house external walls
  • keep windows closed as much as possible
  • vacuum internal nooks, crannies and ceiling corners weekly